Milton Justavino

Since 1998 Milton Justavino has been part of the Cooperative. Find out how him and his family are benefiting from the Fairtrade premium.

on March 21, 2022

42 year old Milton lives in Libertad, which belongs to the Balao canton, Guayas province. He has been married for 20 years to Guadelupe Iñiguez. Together they have three children: 16 year old Aaron, 14 year old Karem and 10 year old Erika.

After college, Milton did his military service and was later called as a reservist during the CENEPA war between Ecuador and Peru in 1995. When the war ended, he went to work as a security guard to the city of Milagro. He decided to return to his village La Libertad to rent a farm of 3 ha of banana and joined the Cooperative and the FairTrade association in 1998. In 2009 managed to buy the 3 ha and leased 6 ha. more.

“Being a member of the Cooperative gives me security and confidence to invest in my farm, my home, health and education for my children, because there is much stability in prices and volumes which helps me plan my financial situation”.

Being part of the Cooperative has helped him invest in the farm, in compliance with Globalgap standards, fertilization of his farm and health insurance. These are the programs that are most helping him and his family and as a producer. 

His workers are happy with their Christmas baskets, school vouchers and backpacks. Without the Cooperative, Milton would be a truck driver in his town for other producers. His children would only finish basic education, they would not be studying in school for lack of money “I am very grateful to all who make possible the sale of my fruit under fair conditions.”