What Makes Us
All Good
The World Eats More than 100 Billion Bananas Every Year

Most of these bananas come from industrial scale banana plantations where the massive demand for fruit at very low prices forces growers to push the soil beyond its natural ability. They grow banana plants at unsustainable yields by using chemical fertilisers and aerial spraying pesticides, herbicides and fungicides to control pests. Overspray adversely affects the surrounding rainforest and communities. The El Guabo Association are committed to farming in a more sustainable way. Farmers in El Guabo use organic fertiliser and sustainable inputs to protect the health of their plants, soil, water and the people living on and around their farms. The use of chemicals to control pests on All Good Bananas grown in El Guabo is estimated to be 5 – 10% of the use in conventional banana plantations. Fairtrade standards prohibit over 120 toxic substances used in fresh fruit production.

How Can All Good Bananas be Better for You?

As well as being free of the cocktail of chemicals used in conventional banana production, our bananas are packed with energy and healthy nutrition making them the perfect addition to any lunchbox, athlete’s diet, guilt free get-up-and-go snack for breakfast of champions. Packed full of natural sugar that’s readily converted into energy (glucose, fructose, sucrose) and fiber, bananas are an ideal snack for an immediate and prolonged power surge. This is why athletes love them, because these sugars and the potassium they contain deliver such a high-energy hit. Bananas also contain some powerfully good natural nutrients including vitamin B6 and tryptophan, a type of protein your body converts into serotonin. This helps you relax, improving your mood and generally making you feel good. With All Good Bananas you can eat healthy with a healthy conscience. That's why it’s in our name.

NZ's First Zero Carbon Bananas

All Good Bananas - We have detailed data gathering processes to track all carbon emissions associated with the production and transportation of our bananas. This includes everything from the inputs used on the plantations to the shipping from Ecuador to New Zealand and the trucking to warehouses and supermarkets. All Good is EKOS certified, meaning we meet strict standards for environmental integrity and the accuracy of our data. By reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions, we are taking tangible steps to support a more sustainable future.

Good for Growers, Good for the Land, Good for You

All Good are here to bring you plant based food and beverages that’s good for the land, good for the growers and good for you because we believe Fairtrade, organic and plant based shouldn’t be exceptions, everything we consume should be fair and good for all of us and the planet. Our founders, Chris and Matt Morrison and Simon Coley, launched All Good by importing New Zealand’s first Fairtrade and organic bananas back in 2010. Their challenge was convincing people that paying a dollar more for an ethical bunch of bananas was a better deal for them, the people who grew them and the planet. Eight years later, thanks to the millions of All Good Bananas purchased by Kiwi families, over 150 small banana farming families in El Guabo, Ecuador are being paid fairly and All Good have been able to contribute more than $1,400,000 back to the El Guabo Association of Small Banana Farmers benefiting their community’s health and wellbeing, education, the sustainability of the land they farm and the surrounding rainforest. And our Kiwi customers have been able to enjoy our great tasting do-gooding bananas. Which is all good.

Not All Bananas are Created Equal

It’s our belief that we can’t ignore the consequences, human or environmental, of growing the food we all eat and enjoy, even though it may happen in places far from home. In an enlightened world we should treat the people who grow our food as if they lived right next door. This is our credo and the way we go about our work, but it hasn’t always been the way in the banana business. Fairtrade banana certification was established to right the wrongs foisted on small banana farmers selling to intermediaries, representing multi-national banana exporters, who would regularly force them to sell their fruit for less than the cost of production. The same farmers and farm workers were also forced to work in hazardous conditions with agro-chemicals that were dangerous to their health and polluted the surrounding soil and water. Fairtrade standards also ensure these farmers a healthy working environment and a commitment to sustainability and horticultural practice that replenishes the land rather than depleting it. All Good are 100% New Zealand owned and operated, and like the organic Fairtrade farmers we work with, we’re a small business trying to make a big difference. This is how we do it.

Fairtrade Also Offers Something Else: Independence

Fairtrade standards guarantee farmers and workers the security of a stable price all year round with an annual collectively negotiated minimum purchase price. Fairtrade also offers something else: independence. On top of the price paid for their bananas, the El Guabo cooperative earn a Fairtrade Premium of 7 to 10 cents per bunch. The $2,100,000 of this Fairtrade Premium funding All Good have contributed has supported school kids, a free medical centre, a special needs school as well as sustainable farming initiatives.