2008: A good start

Back in 2008 three entrepreneurial Kiwis decided to change the New Zealand banana industry for good. Brothers Chris and Matt Morrison, along with Simon Coley were passionate about ethical business (and the banana industry didn’t have a great track record there). You see, most of the world’s bananas come from industrial scale plantations, grown with the unnatural help of a long list of chemicals, and by farmers who are treated a lot less than fair. So, they found a place in El Guabo, Ecuador where bananas are farmed the good way.

All Good Bananas are better for everyone

Now, Kiwis can consume their healthy bananas with an even healthier conscience. Thanks to the millions of All Good Bananas purchased by New Zealand families, over 150 small banana farming families in El Guabo are being paid fairly and All Good have been able to contribute more than $2.8 million back to the El Guabo Association of Small Banana Farmers. This directly benefits their community’s health and wellbeing, education, the sustainability of the land they farm and the rainforest that surrounds them.

2020: Shaking it up, again

It’s also more than bananas here at All Good. After shaking up the produce industry, we went up against one of the greenhouse gas emitters, the dairy industry. All Good Oat Milk hit the market in 2020 – dairy free, soy free, it’s milk without the moo. Going against the big guys meant we needed to make it to the highest standards, so production went to Sweden – the world’s leading oat milk makers. We even offset all the carbon emitted from shipping and transportation too.

2022: Carbon Zero goodness

In 2022 things got even better for good bananas as we became New Zealand’s first and only zero carbon banana. All Good is EKOS certified, meaning that we meet strict standards for environmental integrity and the accuracy of our data from right from the plantation to the supermarket (excluding the data from Matt’s mum’s car). By reducing and offsetting our carbon emissions, we’re taking tangible steps to support a more sustainable future, and that’s good for everyone.