All Good Barista Oat Milk

Made especially for a fantastic flat white, our Barista by All Good is blended to make a super-silky micro-foam, stretching beautifully without splitting. And, when it comes to the all-important drinking, its light on oatiness and surprisingly, well milky. All Good Oat Milk is made with real oats, squished and squeezed to keep the beta-glucans in. It’s dairy free, GMO & soy free and unsweetened. Just like our All Good Bananas, All Good Oat Milk is good for you and our planet.

100% transportation offset: we’re using permanent native forest carbon credits from New Zealand and the Pacific with EKOS NZ to offset the carbon emissions from transporting All Good Oat Milk from Sweden to NZ. We measure the carbon footprint of the transport from our manufacturers to the port, the shipping to New Zealand and the inland transport to our retailers and warehouses. This is assessed annually by EKOS.

Want to know more about All Good Oat Milk? Visit our FAQs or drop us an email info@all-good.co.nz

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All Good Original Oat Milk

Our Original Oat Milk is much creamier, and thicker than your average plant based milk. It’s pleasantly (but not overpoweringly) oaty, and we’ve left any sweetening to you. Not such a big leap for anyone making the planet-friendly switch from dairy. The Original Oat Milk is dairy free, GMO & soy free. Its good for you, the planet, smoothies, cereal, cups of tea, hot chocolate, baking, or whatever.

Want to know more about All Good Oat Milk? Visit our FAQs or drop us an email info@all-good.co.nz

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All Good Fairtrade Bananas

Our original great tasting, do gooding Zero Carbon Fairtrade bananas. All Good Fairtrade bananas are grown on small family farms with organic fertiliser, clean soil & fresh water. Fairtrade ensures farmers and their families get a fair deal while you get healthy, great tasting bananas. Plus, All Good Bananas are EKOS Zero Carbon certified.

Our bananas are sourced directly from the El Guabo Cooperative of 150 family farms in Ecuador. El Guabo is one of the oldest Fairtrade cooperatives in the world with some farms passed down over generations.

We meticulously track all carbon emissions from banana production to delivery, including plantation inputs, shipping, and trucking. EKOS certification ensures our data's accuracy and environmental integrity. By reducing and offsetting emissions, we support a sustainable future.

All Good Organically Grown Bananas
All Good Organically Grown Fairtrade Bananas

Just like our original All Good Zero Carbon Fairtrade Bananas, farmed with organic certification.

All Good Organically Grown Fairtrade bananas have the added guarantee of supporting sustainable and regenerative farming that comes with organic certification.

El Guabo’s organic farmers are certified by the US Department of Agriculture’s National Organic Progamme (USDA-NOP) and European Union organic standards. Like BioGro in New Zealand the USDA’s organic standards set out strict production methods integrating cultural, biological, and mechanical practice that cycles resources, promotes ecological balance and conserves biodiversity.

Our organic bananas are grown to certified standards but like any imported fruit, to meet our strict biosecurity standards, they undergo MPI fumigation on arrival in New Zealand. MPI need to treat shipments to make sure they don’t contain any Ecuadorian stowaways.