Rosa Canar

Rose Canar works with her 5 brothers on their farm in El Guabo. Learn about how the Fairtrade premium has helped her and her family develop their farm and live happier lives.

on March 10, 2022

Born in Cuenca 50 years ago, Rosa lives now in the town of El Guabo, El Oro province. She is single and she helped her parents in the banana plantation until 2001, when she moved to Murcia, Spain where she worked in agriculture until 2003. She returned to help her parents in the banana plantation until they gave the inheritance to the 6 children. Which are all business partners of the Cooperative. Now she is dedicated to her property in the site La Raquel that is in the corner El Guabo.

"Outside the Cooperative, a small producer receives very unstable prices, sometimes USD $4 or $5 per box less than what I get being part of the Cooperative. In such a situation, my 5 brothers (also business partners) and I could not support our parents, even worse paying for their medical care"

By being part of the Cooperative, Rosa is able to improve my farm with the Fairtrade certification in 2016. This gave her access to fertilisers, a Christmas bonus, Christmas baskets for her and her workers, a school voucher and backpack for her godchildren and access to free medical services. Rose says "I feel very good to be able to do all that with the support of Fairtrade."