All Good Fridays

Have you ever wanted to try an All Good Oat Milk flat white but don’t want to stray from your usual coffee order? Are you curious about what oat milk TASTES like? Alternatively are you obsessed with Oat Milk and want to support your local by heading along to an All Good Friday? Read on to find out what they are, why we are doing them and when the next one is.

on March 21, 2022
What is an All Good Friday?

An All Good Friday is where we team up with a cafe to offer you FREE oat milk flat whites over a certain time period. No catch or minimum spend just a free delicious, creamy oat milk flat white.

Why are we doing them?

We started up our All Good Fridays as a way to not only support Kiwi hospitality businesses, but it’s also a great way for people to try our creamy, delicious oat milk in a coffee. Our All Good Fridays are a great opportunity for people that have been considering trying it for a while but don’t want to stray from their normal coffee order (we get it!).

What’s all the fuss about?

We spent over three years searching the globe for the best oat milk producer. We were unable to find a manufacturer in New Zealand that was able to produce the best tasting oat milk - that’s also great with coffee. Our Swedish manufacturer has a secret, patented enzyme process that creates the liquid gold you find in every bottle of All Good Oat Milk. For this reason, we are so excited about our Oat Milk and want as many people as possible to try and oat milk flat white. So that they can see that making the switch from dairy isn't that hard!

When are they happening?

They are happening every week all over the country up until early December this year. They will be re-starting late January. Make sure you check out our instagram here for updates on when the next All Good Friday is happening at your local.