All Good Interviews: Ella Farrugia

Ella Farrugia is a talented recipe creator and photographer, creating wholesome and delicious vegan eats. At just 17, she’s amassed a like-minded following of food lovers to her Instagram page, and safe to say we’re one of them. Find her here.

on March 21, 2022
You’re having an All Good morning, describe your ideal breakfast

A big acai bowl topped with berries, passionfruit, buckwheat and some All Good Organics bananas!

What is your key to a productive morning?
I find that I’m most productive if I get up early and do some exercise first thing. Whether that be a run or some yoga, I feel that if I get moving in the morning that I’m more energized and switched on throughout the day. Then I’ll have a big, nutrient dense breakfast packed will heaps of delicious goodies that will help to fuel my morning. I’m also big on list making because I find that if I write down everything I need to do it helps me no waste less time and be more productive.

Describe your workspace.
Somedays it’s at my desk in my room, sometimes it’s at a library and sometimes its on the floor in the midst of books, paper and pens all splayed out on the floor. I could probably work anywhere as long as there is natural light and wifi (and preferably snacks).

When things are going All Good, how do you like to celebrate?
Food! In my opinion, there is no better way to celebrate something than with some great food and great company.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever eaten?
That’s a tough one. I think it would be a tie between Plant Food + Wine in Venice and Gigi’s pizzeria in Sydney. The meal at Plant Food + Wine consisted of kimchi dumplings, grilled sourdough with vegan butter, spicy udon noodles with tempeh, mushroom burger with sunflower cheddar and pumpkin tacos. The meal at Gigi’s was mushroom arancini, olives with the best bread I’ve ever tasted, pizza topped with grilled capsicum, chili, olive tapenade and oregano, and calzone filled with pumpkin cream, sautéed pumpkin, spinach, swiss brown mushrooms & onion topped with roasted cherry tomatoes, thyme & rosemary. And it was all vegan! Hopefully you now understand why I have trouble deciding between the two!

You have one day where Auckland is completely deserted, what would you do?
This is such a good question! I would definitely take my dog absolutely everywhere because I struggle to understand the logic of not being able to take my dog where ever I want. Then the day would most likely involve going to all of my favorite health food stores, stocking up on my fave products, then walk to the top of the harbor bridge and enjoy a little picnic there!

What is a change you’ve made to live a more sustainable lifestyle?I am extremely passionate about living sustainably and try my best to minimize the impact that my choices have on the environment. I bring reusable bags wherever I go, get produce from local farmers’ markets using reusable produce bags, shop at bulk food stores where I can take my own jars to fill up and avoid single use plastic by using my own containers and stainless steel straws.

In a Split

Tea or Coffee?
Tea. I’m a big fan of green tea and interesting herbal infusions.

Fries; shoestring or thick cut?
This is a hard one but I’d have to say thick cut!

Read the book or watch the movie?
Both! But I’d definitely read the book first.

Favourite coffee spot?
I’ve been loving the Butcher’s Son recently. It’s become my new fave!

Run or walk?
Definitely run.

North Island or South?
Fun fact, I’ve actually never been to the South Island so I guess the answer is north but down south looks so beautiful!

Designer or vintage?
Vintage. I’m a big lover of thrifting and love finding unique vintage pieces.

Wall planner or iPhone calendar?
I think I would be a mess without my wall planner. It really helps to be able to have everything right in front of my so I can plan more efficiently.