All Good Interviews: Julia Matthews

Julia Matthews is the Founder and CEO of Two Islands. We caught up with Julia to chat about her approach to food, sustainability and lifestyle. You can find her here.

on March 21, 2022
 What does your ideal day look like?

Get up at 6am and take my dog for an hour walk, home and get ready for the day. I’m not a breakfast person, maybe I’ll have a protein shake as it’s quick and I know I can get lots of goodness in.  My office is 2 minutes from my house which is super handy and I aim to be in the office by 8am. Start by going through emails or any customer queries/admin work and have a debrief with my business partners.  At the moment while Two Islands is in growth mode and a lot of projects on I’m generally in and out of meetings. I try to be home by the latest 8pm, have a quick dinner and then back to work talking to anyone overseas who is waking up. In bed by 10pm is ideal.  

What’s your secret to a productive morning?

Starting the day with exercise for sure! 

Your lifestyle supplement brand Two Islands focusses on being full of the good stuff, with no-nasties. Why is sourcing ingredients sustainably important to you?

I think if there is an option to buy sustainably then why wouldn’t you? In saying that sourcing sustainably, having a constant supply of certain ingredients and also price can be hard to get right.  Using suppliers who you can trust and doing your research is a must! 

The (new) Two Islands website features healthy and delicious recipes. What does the recipe creation process look like before we see it on the website and social media?

I am lucky to have group of 16 amazing women who create all of the delicious recipes you see on the Two Islands website. I take credit for none of that! 

What has been a memorable moment so far since creating Two Islands?

Launching the new packaging/branding and hearing all of the positive feedback has been very humbling.  Every day is memorable for me… that sounds silly but I honestly love every day spent working on my brand. 

Your favourite five-minute snack is…

Peanut Butter protein with water and lots of ice. 

What’s in your weekly shopping trolley?

I get Hello Fresh every week so am only at the supermarket to stock up on fresh fruit/veg and everyday house hold supplies.  

You’re given a bunch of All Good Bananas. What do you make with it?

Peanut Butter and Banana on vogels.

You’re stuck on an island (or Two). What three things would you take to pass the time (before you get rescued in a timely manner)?

My dog, laptop and Batchwell Pineapple kombucha.

What’s a change you’ve made to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

Eating less animal products, using a keep cup, reusable bags, buying sustainably sourced where possible. I want to start growing my own vegetables. 

How do you celebrate life’s All Good moments?

I love to give thanks to those who have helped me to get to the good moment. Lately that’s been banoffee pie cakes for my team when we tick off a goal.  

We’re obsessed with your pupster Penelope! What’s the biggest challenge you find owning your own business and having a dog child? How do find balance in general in your life?

My office is dog friendly so i’m pretty lucky I can take Penelope to work with me every day. She comes with me everywhere! I am not sure I have balance - is there even such a thing? my job is my life and my life is my job - I love it. I don’t have a family so i can be selfish and do everything on my terms.  

And finally… what is your favourite banana-related recipe on the (new) Two Islands website that you think everyone needs in their lives?

 Banana protein donuts


 In a Split

Tea or coffee?


Smoothie drink or smoothie bowl?


Health trends: try it out or have some doubts?

Try for sure

Hit the gym or hit the pavement? Pavement 

Baking or cooking?


Dream holiday destination?


One thing people probably don’t know about you?

I have social anxiety. Getting past that is a work in progress.