All Good Interviews: Kelly Gibney

Kelly Gibney is a Dish columnist and a wholefoods writer. She’s a true champion of all things delicious and All Good, and has whipped up some delicious recipes for us to share with you. You can find her here.

on March 21, 2022
 You’re having an All Good morning, describe your ideal breakfast.

I love a big savoury breakfast. Eggs, spinach, avocado, sauerkraut and halloumi would be perfect. Strong cup of coffee on the side please.

My kids love a sweet breakfast so we’ll often have banana waffles or banana pancakes with them.

Describe your workspace.
I have a large trestle desk for my writing, editing and computing work. I like to keep it tidy and quite clear. A large plant, a pretty vase and some crystals are the only ornaments on it. Beside that are shelves filled with my props: plates, fabrics, cutlery, glassware and other knick-knacks. I have to work hard to keep this collection tidy! It tends to get chaotic.

When things are going All Good, how do you like to celebrate?
My ideal celebration is a delicious shared meal, really good red wine and music. Enjoying it with people that like to talk politics and also have a laugh is even better.

What’s the best meal you’ve ever eaten?
That’s just too hard! I can get very excited about all kinds of meals. From homemade burgers with friends to a lavish date with oysters and the works.

You have one day where Auckland is completely deserted, what would you do?
I’d hit Cheltenham beach for a long swim and then head for a picnic in Cornwall park. I love the idea of a day without that horrible Auckland traffic!

What is a change you’ve made to live a more sustainable lifestyle?
We’ve been working on eliminating single use plastic as much as possible. Things like only using reusable shopping bags and produce bags can become an easy natural habit when you persevere.

We compost and have a worm farm for our food waste. I never get takeaway coffees unless I have a keep cup with me (definitely no plastic straws!) and we try to consider whether we need more ‘stuff’ when contemplating any purchase. We’ll always discuss whether that item is possible to buy second hand rather than new.

In a Split

Tea or Coffee?
Both! Strong coffee with a splash of cream in the morning and then green tea or a matcha latte for the rest of the day.

Fries; shoestring or thick cut?
Thick cut - preferably home-made. I LOVE potatoes.

Read the book or watch the movie?
Always read the book.

Favourite coffee spot?
In bed. Cuddling with my little family

Run or walk?
Walk. Preferably in the bush.

North Island or South?
I feel loyal to the North Island - it’s where I’ve grown up.

Designer or vintage?
Vintage. The satisfaction of a good find is so great!

Wall planner or iPhone calendar?
Wall planner - I love seeing things written down