All Good Interviews: Sian & Sean

Sian & Sean own an epic coffee and food cart in Wellington called Dope. Dope is your go-to for Peoples Coffee and delicious plant based food. Their goal is pretty simple really - to provide their community with healthy and environmentally conscious food and drink that tastes Dope. You can find them here.

on March 21, 2022

Tell us how you started Dope

Sean and Sian met at University at a vegan $3 curry lunch that was held twice a week for students. Right from the day we met we both had the dream of having a little plant-based smoothie, coffee and food trailer where we could travel around to music festivals and serve up dope food and drink.

How did you first get into the hospitality industry and what do you love most about it?

Sian worked at Portershed plant-based cafe in Christchurch from when they opened. They had the dopest coffee machine I have ever seen and even though it was 100% plant-based it was the busiest cafe I have ever worked at! I love working in hospitality because you always get to have great yarns with people.

What’s your go-to coffee order?

All good oat cappuccino or oat iced latte.

What is a change you’ve made to live a more sustainable lifestyle?

I think being plant-based is a big step towards living more sustainably.

When you’re not pulling shots and serving delicious food, what will we find you doing?

You can find Sian mixing some beats on the decks at pre-drinks or Sean making some technical manoeuvres whilst rock climbing on a Thursday evening.

When things are going All Good, how do you like to celebrate?

Probably ordering a few cocktails and way too much food at one of the many favourite eateries in Wellington.

Favourite thing about Wellington?

That it’s socially acceptable to go and get a coffee at anytime of the day.


In a Split

Tea or coffee?

Is that even a question, definitely coffee

Smoothie drink or smoothie bowl?

Smoothie bowl with all the toppings

Health trends: try it out or have some doubts?

Depends what it is

Baking or cooking?

Cooking a fat feed

Dream holiday destination?

We had flights booked to Mexico before covid, so fingers crossed we can get there one day

One thing people probably don’t know about Dope?

At Dope we don’t use any takeaway coffee cups. We use glass jars instead for takeaway coffees. Dope is 100% plastic (including bio-plastic) free!