How Our Oats Help Protect Rainforests

Here at All Good we’re about being good (funny that!). Oat Milk is one of the most sustainable, environmentally friendly plant-milks to make and we’re also off-setting the carbon created in bringing it to NZ so we are good for the planet.

on March 21, 2022

 In 2017 we began our search for the best-tasting oat milk - which tastes great straight from the fridge, and in your barista-made flat white. Unfortunately, it’s not yet possible in NZ  to manufacture the highest quality, best tasting oat milk (however, watch this space!). Instead we found our current oat milk in Sweden, the home of the world’s best oat milk and oat milk innovation (and our special enzyme process). 

Until we can make the exact same oat milk here,  we’re off-setting the carbon created during its trip to NZ. Working with Ekos,  we gained Zero Carbon Freight Certification for All Good Oat Milk in 2019.

This means all the carbon created during the journey to NZ is off-set. This includes sea freight from Sweden and road freight to cafes and roasteries in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch, as well as supermarket distribution centres. 

We’re stoked to be working with Ekos,  recognised as NZ experts in off-setting carbon. All Good’s credits support the native rainforests in the Pacific and the Rarakau Rainforest Conservation Project in Western Southland, New Zealand, which contributes to conservation management.

We’re a company built on the value of being Good. Good for you, good for the land and good for the growers. We’re working towards our long-term vision of harvesting oats and making our milk in NZ.

Until that’s possible - and we can deliver the tastiest oat milk you can buy - we’re doing everything we can to leave the planet better than we found it, and deliver the best plant-based choices to Kiwis.