Meet your Local Barista: Albert

We’re on a mission to celebrate your morning hero’s aka your local barista. We recently sat down with the Albert, owner of Daily Daily Coffee. We chatted all about his coffee story, the best thing about making coffee and so much more.
You can find him here.

on March 21, 2022

Name: Albert Yen

Cafe: Daily Daily Coffee

Side hustle/s: Dentist

Personal coffee order: Filter or Small flatwhite.

Your coffee story - how did you get to where you are now?

Have always enjoyed visiting coffee spots around the country and overseas. One day, I came across the spot DD is in 5 years ago and thought that it is a perfect size to set up an intimate 10 seater espresso bar. With zero hospitality experience and coffee making skills, I translate my experience in dental care into hospitality which surprisingly has many similarities such as, standard of care, the personal touch and being able to defuse complaints. I was lucky to have a dependable team that I could learn my coffee skills from, and from there we simply build relationships over our coffee.

Signature dish: A DD Friday treat! 6oz flatwhite with a cinnamon scroll.  

Most helpful piece of advice ever received: "You can do all things"

A great song: Too many goodies. I could go with my hype song, Kanye's "All of the Lights".

A great book: Not much of a reader haha.

Most embarrassing coffee moment: Spilled some coffee over a customer's brand new pair of shoes. 

The best thing about making coffee: It's a calming, soothing ritual regardless of how busy we may be.

Kindest customer/ experience: We receive Christmas presents and/or cards every year to say thank you.

First place you can travel to when we can travel again and why: Taiwan, to visit my family.

Personal or business coffee IG account: @dailydailycoffee