Meet your Local Barista: Jinny

We are on a mission to celebrate your morning hero’s aka your local barista. We recently sat down with the lovely Jinny from Seabreeze Cafe and chatted all about coffee, the kindest customer she’s had and so much more. You can find her here.

on March 21, 2022
 Name: Jinny Jieun Jang

Cafe: Seabreeze

Personal coffee order: Short Black over ice or Oat flat white cinnamon on top

Years in the industry: Almost 4 years. Still learning though

Signature dish: BHARTA EGGS

Most unhelpful piece of advice ever received: ’ I don’t know’

Highlight of the year so far: Eden winning the Gallaher shield

A great song: Falling in love - Surface

A great book: Facebook

Most embarrassing coffee moment: Dropped coffee on myself

The best thing about making coffee: Meeting new people and making them happy

Kindest customer/ experience: It was a very busy morning and a customer came to me and said ‘your coffee makes my day so much easier and thank you’. That made me feel good!

Personal or business coffee IG account: