Meet your Local Barista: Joey

We are on a mission to celebrate your morning heroes aka your local barista. We recently sat down with Joey, cafe manager at Red Rabbit Parnell and chatted all things coffee, his favourite part about making coffee and so much more.You can find him here.

on March 21, 2022

Name:  Joey Hong.

Cafe: Red Rabbit Parnell.

Side hustle/s: Part-time burger dealer.

Personal coffee order: Ordering a V60 only during a rush.

Years in the industry: Nine gruelling, yet somewhat caffeinated, years.

Signature dish: It’s got to be the Loco Moco, man. It’s been serving me well since I was a povo student 👌

Most unhelpful piece of advice ever received: Do not invest in Bitcoin. This was a few years ago. It still hurts.

Highlight of the year so far: Turning 30. Not gonna lie, I was dreading it for so long. But now that it’s past me, it’s not so bad!

A great song: Man, there’s too many to choose from. But if I had to pick one, it’d have to be Spotlight by Jessie Ware.

A great book: House of Leaves - Mark Z. Danielewski.

Most embarrassing coffee moment: Easy. Still making coffee in your 30’s 👉😎👉

The best thing about making coffee: The endless possibilities of creating recipes. I love every bit of it - especially during the most frustrating times as it gives you that extra feeling of accomplishment.

Kindest customer/ experience: Back when I used to work at a cafe on the shore, a customer of ours used to gift us an entire crate whenever they used to visit a vineyard. Can’t believe I used to take those days for granted.

Personal or business coffee IG account: @joeyarmand_ probably the most unhelpful coffee page on the platform! 🤡