Meet your Local Barista: Johnny Leung

We are on a mission to celebrate your morning heros aka your local barista. To kick things off, we sat down and chatted to Johnny from Archies Cafe. We caught up over a flat white to chat all things coffee, his highlight of the year so far and so much more. You can find him slinging brews here.

by Faye MacGregor on March 21, 2022
Name: Johnny Leung

Cafe: Archie Cafe

Side hustle/s: Father for two non-for-profit kids

Personal coffee order: Espresso and Flat white

Years in the industry: Too long

Signature dish: The Classic on a sesame bagel. (Smoked salmon, creme friache, capers, lemon juice). Simple yet delicious.

Most unhelpful piece of advice ever received: “Ask someone else”.

Highlight of the year so far: Nominated for the Lewisham Awards for Outstanding Barista and entering the NZ Toastie Takeover Competition.

A great song: Old Thing Back - Notorious BIG feat Ja Rule

A great book: Stephen Kings - The Body

Most embarrassing coffee moment: Making my very first coffee without any training. The coffee was sent back. I was told “This is TERRIBLE”. Till this day, it’s still haunts me.

The best thing about making coffee: Knowing that making a coffee has helped to brighten someone day.

Kindest customer/ experience: During the tough times of Covid, we had so much love from the community who continued to support our small business. I feel blessed and grateful to them all.

Personal or business coffee IG account: @archiecafe_