Meet your Local Barista: Johnny Leung

We are on a mission to celebrate your morning heros aka your local barista. To kick things off, we sat down and chatted to Johnny from Archies Cafe. We caught up over a flat white to chat all things coffee, his highlight of the year so far and so much more. You can find him slinging brews here.

on March 21, 2022
Name: Johnny Leung

Cafe: Archie Cafe

Side hustle/s: Father for two non-for-profit kids

Personal coffee order: Espresso and Flat white

Years in the industry: Too long

Signature dish: The Classic on a sesame bagel. (Smoked salmon, creme friache, capers, lemon juice). Simple yet delicious.

Most unhelpful piece of advice ever received: “Ask someone else”.

Highlight of the year so far: Nominated for the Lewisham Awards for Outstanding Barista and entering the NZ Toastie Takeover Competition.

A great song: Old Thing Back - Notorious BIG feat Ja Rule

A great book: Stephen Kings - The Body

Most embarrassing coffee moment: Making my very first coffee without any training. The coffee was sent back. I was told “This is TERRIBLE”. Till this day, it’s still haunts me.

The best thing about making coffee: Knowing that making a coffee has helped to brighten someone day.

Kindest customer/ experience: During the tough times of Covid, we had so much love from the community who continued to support our small business. I feel blessed and grateful to them all.

Personal or business coffee IG account: @archiecafe_