Meet your Local Barista: Kyra

We’re on a mission to celebrate your morning heroes aka your local barista. We recently sat down with the Kyra, assistant manager at Dear Jervois. We chatted all about her coffee story, best piece of advice she’s received and so much more.

on May 10, 2022

Name: Shikyra (pronounced like the singer), Kyra 

Cafe: Dear Jervois                                            

Side hustle/s: Socialising

Personal coffee order: Oat Caramel Latte 

Your coffee story - how did you get to where you are now? 

My coffee story kicked off in 2021. Before this time I had only been making coffee on and off for around 3 months at my  previous job in Grey Lynn. Now let’s be real, I started off with burnt coffees and horrendous latte art! Determined to become a great barista, I jumped at every opportunity to practice making coffee. Now in 2022 I am a confident barista making exceptional coffees thanks to my hard work, determination and my amazing team at Dear Jervois. 

Signature dish: Flat White with a beautiful love heart <3

Most helpful piece of advice ever received: To not take things so seriously & don’t rush especially when it comes to coffee.

A great song: Gray Area -Kaytranada & Mick Jenkins              

A great book: The subtle to not giving a f*ck. 

Most embarrassing coffee moment: 

Getting drenched in a whole bottle of cream mid shift because I shook the whole bottle without checking if the lid was on, I smelt like a cow for the rest of my day.

The best thing about making coffee:

For me the best thing about making coffee is how it brings people together & the new friends I’ve made from making coffees.   

Kindest customer/ experience:

I have a lot of kind experiences with customers on a day to day basis. It would really be our regular customers who have seen my coffee from day 1, who now compliment my coffees and have seen my improvement!

Favourite thing about working at Dear Jervois:

The vibe of the café & the energy my work friends have makes work so fun and not just a job. As well as the relationships I’ve made with customers has been my favourite part about working here.

First place you can travel to when we can travel again and why:

First place I’d like to travel to is Canada, I’m actually travelling here in June for 3 weeks to visit family and to explore Vancouver.  

Personal or business coffee IG account: @DearJervois