We're the Fairest of them All

We've been recognised as the Fairest Trader in the world by Fairtrade International.

on March 21, 2022
Out of 27,000 Fairtrade products in 120 countries, All Good have been named the Fairest Trader in the world.

Announced at the International Fairtrade Awards in Bonn, Germany at 4:30am NZ time, Fairtrade International have rewarded our strong commitment to Fairtrade and our continuing engagement with Fairtrade producers, from banana growers from the El Guabo Fairtrade cooperative to sugar, vanilla and ginger producers around the world. They also recognised our efforts to go beyond Fairtrade, working directly with cola nut growers in Sierra Leone as there is no Fairtrade certified cola available.

We're stoked that our hard work has been recognised - as the first company in NZ to import Fairtrade bananas, and for our work helping the people of Boma Village in Sierra Leone rebuild their lives in the aftermath of war through trade of their local cola nut.

Most Kiwi's believe everyone deserves a fair go, and this is a step towards a fairer world.