What the Fairtrade label on our products means – and why you should care.

You’re here so we already know that you care about the same stuff we care about. It’s pretty clear that the environment is under increasing threat from climate change, inequality in society is growing and that sometimes it feels like we’re all moving in the wrong direction.We can get overwhelmed by all of that too. That's why we’re choosing to be part of the solution – and so can you.

on March 21, 2022

That’s the crux of why we have Fairtrade products – the ones with a farmer waving up to you from the logo. The products are part of a bigger system, one where Fairtrade works to get a better deal for farmers, and their communities.

Fairtrade helps the producers get decent prices for their products but that’s not the end of the story. Those Fairtrade farmers are also supported with gender empowerment programs, environmental sustainability measures, ways to improve their products and real access to new markets. They call it aid through trade, and we think it’s pretty clever.

For us, the world we want is one where power is in the hands of farmers, so that they can create change for us all, from investing in climate friendly farming techniques and clean water for their community, to nurturing women leaders and making sure children get an education. 

We think you probably agree and that might even be why you support our business.

By working with Fairtrade farmers and producers, we’re choosing to give people a fair deal because our ingredients are purchased by paying at least a Fairtrade Minimum Price, which is set to cover the sustainable cost of production, or the market price when it’s higher. 

Over and above the price, the Fairtrade Premium is also paid. The Fairtrade Premium is an extra sum of money we pay which goes into a communal fund for the workers and farmers who grow our products to use – as they see fit – to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions. 

It’s what sets Fairtrade apart from everyone else and why we are proud of the impact we all make together.

Choose the world you want.

This fortnight is called Fairtrade Fortnight and we’re proud to partner with Fairtrade and you to be a part of it. Together we’re choosing a world where the environment is taken care of, women are respected and everyone is treated fairly.

When you shop, choose the world you want. Choose our Fairtrade products for a fairer future.