Why Tetra Pak?

Tetra Pak is currently the best option available to All Good to provide great tasting Oat Milk safely to our customers. We are always looking for alternative options, but other materials like glass and plastic create a larger carbon and water footprint than we are comfortable with, even when they are recycled.

on March 21, 2022
 ThinkStep NZ has completed a full carbon footprint life-cycle assessment of the 9 leading milk packaging options. Cartons, including ours, came out as the most carbon friendly option, other environmental factors were also considered. As you can see glass and PET were significantly worse options even when glass was assumed to be recycled and cartons were not.

While it can be recycled in Auckland, not every Council around New Zealand accepts Tetra for recycling. We are disappointed that NZ does not have a robust nation-wide solution for the recycling of Tetra. Tetra has recently announced a partnership with SaveBoard - whereby Tetra cartons, including ours, will be recycled into wall boards for construction - read more about it here. We continue to advocate for this vital project and are excited to visit the Save Board factory at the end of 2021 when it is operating.

Currently our Swedish made Oat Milk is certified as Carbon Zero for freight by EKOS and we are supporting the planting of permanent native forests in Rarakau. 

As a company, we are committed to finding solutions to the packaging challenges All Good faces and we will keep you updated on our journey via our website and social media.